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saunus: Derived from the Latin for "sound". Showing good judgment or sense. Based on thorough knowledge and experience.

network: An interconnected or interrelated chain, group or system.


Working with organizations to shape and execute their growth and transformation strategies.

Business & Digital Transformation

What is the guiding light for your business? How will you make change happen?

Taking an idea and creating a vision and strategy - Sounds simple enough doesn't it? What about the business plan? How will you communicate it to rally your team to make it happen? What technology can help enable this new vision? How will you measure success? 
You get the picture.


Is your business ready for battle?

Understanding your capacity and capabilities is critical. Identifying and deploying the required skills and technical and digital infrastructure can be tricky. You need to acknowledge where your strengths and weaknesses lie in order to plan and execute a team and structure that will allow your vision and strategy to be realized.

Be ready.

Client Service

Do your customers experience chaos?

Becoming customer-centric has been the mantra for many years. But, what does that really mean? Do you have the right processes and tools, like CRM, to plan and execute? So you have an integrated technology and service plan? Independent insight can be effective to find out why they do business with you, and your competition.
Understand, plan, adapt, measure, improve.

Managing Change

Change can create waves of uncertainty.

Both complex and yet common sense, planning and managing organizational change can be the most important aspect of anything you do in your business. Change can make us uncomfortable because we do not always know what comes next. What can be exciting can also create anxiety for your people and customers.
Prepare to manage the storm.

Project Management

Is the whole team moving in the same direction?

Change and transformation are huge investments in your people, processes and technology. Does everyone have a shared understanding of the vision, business plan, their role? You need a solid program and project management methodology and governance plan to manage, and measure how you will reach your desired business results.

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With lots of success and some failure as well, comes lessons and experience.

When you understand why, you can develop a Sound Perspective.

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Fresh & Sound Perspective

The Saunus Network was created out of a desire to do things differently. It is first about having a conversation - where you want to start - not because a process map or methodology tells you where to begin. Many years of experience has helped build an understanding that there are no linear paths in any organization. There are competing personalities; messy and complex challenges; long wish lists, digital disrupters and lots of energy. Working together, we can leverage experience, to learn and build a point of view that best helps you develop your own fresh and unique perspective; to help you grow and be successful.

Hold on tight. Trust your judgement.

Let's talk about what you hope to achieve.



President & Founder

Bringing over 25 years of global, multi-industry experience, Saunus Network was launched from both a management consulting background and also over a decade of in-the-trenches strategic, operational and business leadership. Along the way, I have honed my thinking about how to solve complex problems with tried-and-tested methodologies, digital and technology adoption as well as some hard knock lessons. During this time, I have ventured across a variety of industries (wholesale distribution, retail, logistics, public sector, postal to name a few) to always find a new set of challenges, leverage a network of support and knowledge and always bringing experience, tools and methods with me to challenge the status quo and help make progress.


A strong facilitator of ideas; a creative approach to solving problems; experienced in strategy, planning, operations, digital transformation, and execution; with a strong network of others who can help make things happen.


Details of my experience can be found on Linked In. Read what some others have said below who have worked with me. 

What Others Have Said

I worked alongside Scott for over 8 years. He provided our organization exemplary leadership and strategic thinking setting the bar very high for many years to come. He was instrumental at guiding our business and defining our vision. I cannot stress enough how transformative his work was for our entire organization. Scott is methodical, detail oriented and follows through on business results. I highly recommend Scott as a business partner to any organization.

Justin Carter

CEO. Bank and Vogue Group of Companies. Ottawa, Canada. London, UK.

Scott is a business leader who focuses on delivering value and business benefits to whatever is he involved with. His focus on developing strong relationships makes him a strong leader, a collaborator and a first-class business partner. Scott brings a good balance of innovation and practicality to all business situations. He always sees projects through successfully.

Genevieve Bonin

Partner. McKinsey & Company. Toronto, Ontario.

I have followed Scott's career over the past 12 years and have seen his skills applied across multiple industries - from start-ups to private and public sector organizations. I highly recommend Scott. His work ethic, attention to details, discipline and focus on results is a winning combination in developing and building successful business outcomes.

Mark Grindeland

CEO and Co-Founder. Coda Signature. Denver, Colorado.

Scott was a great communicator. He built best of breed relationships with partners that maximised full potential and built on these strengths. His innovative approach to process facilitated incredible results in short time frames demonstrating often that he is a lateral, strategic person.

Louise Breccioni-Mattucci

Global Sales. Unisys. Melbourne, Australia

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A Commitment to Community Building

In "doing things differently" I committed to making sure that when this company started, a percentage of revenue was returned to the community. My work with People for Education ( supports this amazing organization who believes that a nation can be strong, equitable and prosperous when universal public education is a cornerstone of the society. I am proud to support the work of People for Education - an independent, non-partisan, charitable organization working to support and advance public education through research, policy and public engagement. You should check them out too!


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