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Focus more on your goal and less on your consultant

Saunus helps business and government leaders manage complex strategy and transformation projects.

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Scott Nowlan

President, The Saunus Network

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“I find energy in hearing the challenge my client is facing and working with them to build a sustainable solution. I specialize in helping private and public sector leaders identify the problem that, when solved, will make the biggest impact on their goals and business. 

With more than 25 years of experience leading large enterprises and startups across a variety of industries, I know that it takes focused effort, a clear plan and expert communication at the top and at all levels of the organization to get the job done and to help lead and manage change. To help, I've developed a robust network of professionals across functions to support the projects I work on. 

I help my clients focus less on managing their consultant, and more on thinking bigger about their goals. My approach adds a trusted, multi-disciplinary ally to your team, and combines thoughtful strategy with a realistic plan to get things done.”


Client Testimonials

I'm grateful to have worked with some incredibly thoughtful and intelligent leaders. This is what they had to say about our work together.

“Scott is a business leader who focuses on delivering value and business benefits to whatever is he involved with. His focus on developing strong relationships makes him a strong leader. Scott brings a good balance of innovation and practicality to all business situations.”

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Genevieve Bonin

Partner, McKinsey & Co.

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I focus on helping my clients solve problems in three areas, backed by years of expertise with organizations of every size.

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Strategy & Planning

Identifying the problem that’s stopping you from moving at full speed, or the advantage your team is missing. I’ve spent years asking the right questions to unlock new ideas and pathways to success, and then defining a detailed and realistic plan to achieve it. 

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Digital Transformation

From redefining your customer's digital journey and experiences to improve engagement and exceed their expectations to introducing a new CRM strategy, I’ve helped enable large enterprises and growing startups to become "digital first", including supporting vendor selection and management. 

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Operations, Project & Change Leadership

Project execution and leadership depends on crystal clear communication, rallying a team behind a common vision, ongoing management of expectations and risks, and an uncommon attention to detail. I work cross-functionally to make sure we cross the finish line and achieve success.



Every business challenge requires a unique approach, but experience has taught me that working with a process will help guide you towards a plan and a solution. That is the I.C.E method.

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Identifying the problems, pain points, and opportunities that exist in your organization is an important first step. Working with your stakeholders and leaders, together we will determine what success and the future could look like and the risks we need to mitigate.

I’ll push you and your team to have honest conversations about your barriers, and to think aspirationally about your outcomes and about change in general.

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Working together, we will build a path that addresses road blocks, risks and defines feasible solutions and timelines.


A detailed plan is created that includes key performance indicators, milestones, and deliverables to keep us on track.

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To execute the plan, decisions on roles and responsibilities, technology, process, timing and governance will come together. Where procurement is required, requirements will be defined and a structured process will be deployed. If it makes sense, we will adopt an agile approach to see the plan through.

Working as a coach to leaders and alongside your team, the team will remain focused and aligned on the purpose and the plan.



From time to time, I share lessons learned and stories that have inspired my work. I share these stories here and on my LinkedIn.

Let's talk about the problems we could solve together.

We'll identify your goals and create a plan achieve them.

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